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Permanent Birth Control

When you know that your family is complete, the most minimally-invasive way to "tie your tubes" requires no incisions, has minimal recovery and can be done in minutes right in our office.  TheEssure method of tubal sterilization is a system where our physician uses a small camera, called a hysteroscope, to insert a very small insert into the opening of each tube. This causes the tubes to close over the small insert and prevent pregnancy permanently.  The inserts can not be felt by the patient and contain absolutely no hormones.  They do not affect your periods or how you feel in any way.  No anesthesia is required, however, we do offer patients IV sedation to maximize comfort during the procedure.  Most patients go home within an hour with minimal or no cramping.  The next day all patients are back to work and all their normal daily activities.  Three months after the procedure one of our physicians will meet you at Norwalk Hospital to perform the confirmatory test,  a special x-ray (hysterosalpingogram) that will confirm that both tubes are closed.  We recommend continuation of other birth control methods until that test is performed.


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