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At the Avery Center, we specialize in both regular and high-risk obstetrics.  Our physicians have vast experience with all types of high risk pregnancy, including twin and triplet pregnancies, pregnancy conceived through IVF, cervical incompetence and other causes of preterm delivery.  We have two incredibly skilled sonographers providing daily availability of obstetrical ultrasounds as well as ultrasound machines available at each of our office locations. At our Westport location we have one of the most advanced 3D/4D ultrasound systems available on the market. We take great pride in providing the best of both worlds to our patients:  We can provide the advantages of a larger group (six board-certified physicians, three office locations, someone always available to answer your questions) but we are able to maintain the continuity of a small group setting.  We do this through meticulous communication between physicians through our electronic records system which is available to all physicians from all offices as well as their home and from the hospital.  All our physicians meet weekly to discuss our high risk patients and coordinate their care.  We never cross-cover with other groups so that one of our physicians will be available to you for emergencies at all times.  We also have an arrangement with the perinatologists (high risk pregnancy physicians) from Yale so that we can reach them for advice and get you in for high risk ultrasounds and consultations any day of the week, usually at their convenient office in Norwalk Hospital.  
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